Association of Galleries (AGA) together with Noôdome has launched an exclusive program - Collector's track, during which members of the Noôdome club will be able to immerse themselves in Russian contemporary art, understand the principles of pricing and functioning of the art market, get acquainted with leading representatives of the industry and, possibly, start their own collection.
About the project
On February 16, the events included in the Collector's track program were announced in the Noôdome space. Association of Galleries, being one of the main experts on the Russian contemporary art market, invited members of the club to go through the "collector's path".
Contemporary art could be discussed endlessly, but it is much more important to interact with it. That is why, with the launch of the program, the exhibition was opened in the Noôdome club. Ten galleries of contemporary art, which are members of Association of Galleries, provided more than 40 works of art. Elena Kuprina-Lyakhovich and Elena Eremenko from the E.K. Art Bureau curate the exhibition.
The opening of the program was accompanied by the discussion "Go with the trumps. Rules of the game in contemporary art". Moderator Alina Kryukova together with Natalia Opaleva, the founder of AZ Museum, Sofia Trotsenko, the founder of Winzavod Foundation for the Support of Contemporary Art and Dmitry Gutov, artist and art theorist, discussed how the first purchase at a contemporary art fair might become a step to the museum collection, where to search for emerging artists (spoiler: at Winzavod Contemporary Art Center) and how artists themselves see the collector's figure.
Discussion I
The first discussion within the Collector's track program was devoted to the basics, knowledge of which is necessary to understand the system of the Russian art market. Three well-known collectors with diverse approaches - Pierre Brochet, Denis Himillyaine, Marina Loshak - told how the process of choosing art can take place, which works are worth buying and where to check the compliance of the offer and the market. Together with the audience we tried to answer the question: when to trust intuition and taste, and when to watch on statistics?
Discussion II
On April 21, second discussion "Step 2: rising prices for Russian artists - truth or myth?" was held. This time we deepened into the problem of price formation in the primary market and its subsequent dynamics. Expert opinion was shared by Irina Stepanova, CEO of Sotheby's Russia, Sergey Popov, gallery owner and art historian,Vladimir Shabason, Strategy director of Myinvest investment art platform, and Andrey Cheglakov, the chairman of Board of Directors at "New Cloud Technologies", collector and philanthropist. The discussion was moderated by the Culture Editor at Forbes magazine, Yana Zhilyaeva.
What does the price for an art work consist of? What influences its further growth? Is it worth considering Russian contemporary art as an investment at all? And which financial institutions in Russia are already integrating art into investment portfolio?

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