Association of Galleries at COSMOSCOW 2022
Association of Galleries together with Delcredere Bar Association have made a research about replenishment of museum funds. We talked with representatives of museums and dedicated the booth at Cosmoscow to the results of our work.

The guests of the booth learned how art gets into museum collections today and how the procurement and budgeting system work.

There are more than 100 art museums in Russia, among which only 10% have the opportunity to receive the most significant pieces of Russian contemporary art for their collection. People do not have the opportunity to get acquainted with foremost art works, thereby we lose the creative potential of the country. The acquisition of works from contemporary artists for museum collections might become another tool of support of art industry.
On September 15, AGA held a discussion dedicated to the strategies of interaction between art gallery and museum: what patterns of cooperation between institutions exist, what mechanisms of replenishment of museum collections are working in Russia today and what difficulties galleries and museums face?

The issues listed above were discussed by the executive director of MMOMA Vasily Tsereteli, the founder of the pop/off/art gallery Sergey Popov, the Head of the Department of the Latest Trends of the State Tretyakov Gallery Irina Gorlova, the founder of Gallery 21 and the founder of the InArt project, the co-founder InvestArt, the patron of The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts Ksenia Podoinitsyna.
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