release - April 2024
From April 12 to 14, 2024, the Association of Galleries (AGA) held the second edition of the Contemporary Art Fair |catalog| in Moscow. The venue was once again the historic Ivan Sytin Printing House on Pyatnitskaya Street, also known as the First Model Printing House.
About the fair |catalog|

The fair was organized by the Association of Galleries (AGA). The project was initiated by gallery owners Dmitry Hankin, Alexander Sharov, Alina Kryukova and Sofia Trotsenko, the founder of the Winzavod Center for Contemporary Art. The initiative was supported by the publishers of the conceptual project about art and style Black Square Andrey Severilov and Valery Nosov.

54 galleries took part in the second edition of the fair. The project was visited by more than 10000 people. The cost of works varied from 20 thousand to 6.5 million rubles.

Out of 54 galleries 50 had sales. The maximum number of sales per gallery was 40, on average each gallery made from 5 to 12 transactions. Most of the purchases were made by new collectors. The lecture program, supported by the group "Airplane", was attended by more than 750 people, all days of the fair discussions and lectures were broadcasted - more than 12000 people watched the broadcasts.

The Association of Galleries issued an art dealer's memo, which contains the main principles of ethical and effective cooperation with galleries. In the April issue of the fair the test accreditation of art dealers was launched for the first time, which will become mandatory from the December issue. The test format will help to create a field for open cooperation and dialog between art market participants.

Participating galleries

54 galleries from all over Russia participated in the spring edition of the fair - it is almost twice as many as in the debut |catalog|. Both AGA members and galleries invited to participate presented their stands on two floors of the printing house: 11.12 GALLERY, Agency. ArtRu, a-s-t-r-a, Anna Nova, Art Object Gallery, ART&BRUT GALLERY, ARTSTORY, ARTZIP, ASKERI GALLERY, BORSCH Gallery, Elohovskiy Gallery, FINEART GALLERY, FUTURO Gallery, Grabar Gallery, HSE ART GALLERY, HIDDEN PLACE, JART Gallery, Jessica, Iragui Gallery, K35 Gallery of Contemporary Art, L.E. STORE, Lumiere Gallery, Lumiere Gallery, JART Gallery, Jessica, Iragui Gallery, K35 Gallery of Contemporary Art. STORE, Lumiere Gallery, Marina Gisich Gallery, MAXART Foundation, MYTH Gallery, OVCHARENKO, PA Gallery, PENNLAB Gallery, Pogodina Gallery, pop/off/art, Postrigay Gallery, Reloft ART, Ruarts Gallery, Shift, SISTEMA GALLERY, Syntax Gallery, Totibadze Gallery, Triumph Gallery, ULM Gallery, VLADEY, VS Gallery, XL Gallery, ART4, Arka Gallery, Vostochnaya Gallery, Vellum, Gridchinhall Gallery, E. K.ArtBuro, CROKIN Gallery, KultProject Gallery, Artishok Cultural Center, LUCH, PiranesiLAB, Central Exhibition Center Béton.

Galleries presented works by over 200 artists, including Irina Korina, Alexander Melamid, Artem Filatov, Gayane Avetisyan, Semyon Agroskin, Lisa Bobkova, Dmitry Vrubel, Vladimir Dubosarsky, Evgenia Dudnikova, Daria Emelyanova, Komar and Melamid, Kirill Koteshov, Anton Kuznetsov, Vlad Loktev, Nastya Miro, Alexei Morozov, Katya Muromtseva, Slava Nesterov, Gosha Ostretsov, Timofey Parshchikov, Sasha Pasternak, Denis Patrakeev, Alexandra Patsamaniuk, Oleg Dow, Alexander Povzner, Sasha Puchkova, Kirill Rave, Aidan Salakhova, Maria Safronova, Gogi Totibadze, Anton Totibadze, Ira Totibadze, Ilya Fedotov-Fedorov, Valery Chtak, Evsti Bomse and others.

The professional and educational day of the Association was held at the fair, dedicated to the strategic directions of work for 2024 on the following topics: systematization of pricing, increasing transparency of the art market and development of professional ethics.

The topics were covered by the lecture "International practice: a new generation of artists is changing the laws of the art market" by Irina Stepanova, General Director of Sotheby's Russia and Development Director of Sotheby's UAE, the discussion "Artificial prices and ethics violation: how to make the art market transparent?" by members of the Association and the lecture "First in the collection: basics of collecting circulating art" by Alexey Veselovsky.

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