Cosmoscow 2021

Four audio guides, three discussions about Russian art market and seven meetings with gallery owners – from September 18 to 20, the Association of Galleries presented a special program at the Cosmoscow art fair in the Central Manege.

Booth of the Association

Association of Galleries presented an exposition on The Formation of the Russian art market at the booth.


Association of Galleries held three discussions about the art market:

September 18, 14:00 -15:30 «Strategies and practices: international market expansion»

September 19, 13:00 -14:30«Pricing: principles, disputes and a transparent market»

September 20, 13:00 - 14:30«When museums buy: museums as the most important participant in the art market, and why this is not the case in Russia»

Discussion participants: Russian art Expert at Sotheby's Joe Vickery, Head of the Russian department of Bonhams auction Daria Hristova, gallery owners Pearl Lam (Pearl Lam Gallery), Sheyvin S"ng (VIN Gallery), Sergey Popov (pop/off/art gallery), Ksenia Podoinitsyna (InArt Gallery by Ksenia Podoynitsyna), Polina Askeri (Askeri Gallery), Forbes Life editor-in-chief Yana Zhilyaeva
We present you audio guides for the 9th international Cosmoscow art fair.
Choose audio guide:
General Information
If you want to listen to a general information about galleries and artists presented on their booths.
Young artists
Learn more about young artists who are definitely worth your attention.
Special projects
Visit the special projects of the fair, created specifically for the space of the Central Manege.
AGA galleries
Learn more about the galleries-members of the Association

Audio guides

Audio guide to the 9th Cosmoscow International Contemporary Art Fair
Everything you wanted to know about Cosmoscow 2021: art fair, galleries, artists - an overview of all the galleries presented at the art fair
During the audio tour, visitors will learn about each participant of the art fair, they will learn brief history of the participant (founders, key exhibitions) and programs of the booths.
Listen to the audio guide
Audio guide to the 9th Cosmoscow International Contemporary Art Fair
Young and promising: who to buy at Cosmoscow 2021?– a detailed story-presentation about young artists participating in the art fair
During the audio tour, visitors will learn about the key young authors,
based on the opinions of gallery owners and ratings of reputable publications. As a result, the visitors will be able to form an idea of young authors of different price categories, which are worth buying today.
Listen to the audio guide
Audio guide to the 9th Cosmoscow International Contemporary Art Fair
More than a fair. Cosmoscow 2021 Non-profit Projects
A guide about what other projects (besides galleries) can be seen in the Central Manege from September 18 to 20.
Listen to the audio guide
Audio guide to the 9th Cosmoscow International Contemporary Art Fair
United Galleries: members of the Association of Galleries at the Cosmoscow 2021 fair
An extended guide about the members of the Association.

Listen to the audio guide
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You can always email and call us
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