AGA TALKS fifth discussion

Fifth discussion of the project of the Association of Galleries AGA TALKS "A question of maneuvering: how to properly transport works of art in Russia and
abroad." was held on May 13.


Moderator: Natalia Tsareva - Senior Gallery Manager at Cosmoscow, Project Coordinator of the Cosmoscow Foundation.
Diana Motsonashvili - Managing Partner of Fineartway Limited Liability Company; { {1}} Andrey Kucha - Head of the Cultural Property Insurance Department of the Headquarters of the Joint Stock Company AlfaStrakhovanie;
Alexander Sharov - gallery owner, founder and director of 11.12 Gallery;
Yulia Osadchaya - lawyer, specialist in law in the field of art, founder of the consulting company ARTA.

The panellists discussed:

  • how to avoid difficulties in the transportation and insurance of art objects in Russia;
  • how to use insurance if the insured event occurs outside the country;
  • what foreign art logistics practices turn out to be the most effective in terms of the development of the art market.

AGA TALKS - discussions on the development potential of the Russian art market with the participation of the main industry professionals: gallery owners, collectors, critics and artists. The project consists of a public program for all comers and closed professional discussions: the art community will discuss a number of complex and controversial topics behind closed doors.

Association of Galleries is the first professional association of Russian gallery owners, created at the initiative of the Support Fund of contemporary art Winzavod with the aim of representing the interests of the art business at the local, state and international levels and joint efforts to develop the art market. The Association includes pop / off / art gallery, XL Gallery, 11.12 GALLERY, Krokin gallery and others.
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