Media Forum

At the day of discussions from the AGA, leading experts of the Russian art market discussed why the provenance of a contemporary art object is important, what prospects Russian art has in the Asian art market, and what has recently changed in the practice of transporting cultural property.

Among the discussion participants: Mikhail Kamensky, Natalya Grigorieva-Litvinskaya, Elvira Tarnogradskaya, Irina Gorlova, Sofya Trotsenko, Alexander Sharov, Vera Glazkova, Andrey Kucha and others. Discussion moderators: Polina Tolokova, Diana Motsonashvili and Yulia Klimko.

The Cosmoscow Media Forum is a series of discussions with the participation of media figures and representatives of iconic publications, for whom contemporary art is an important component of success. The topics of discussion are traditionally formed around the intersection of current artistic practices, advanced technologies and the main challenges that the world of contemporary art faces today.
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