Postrigay Gallery is a new member of AGA

Introduce the new participant of AGA joined in February
Postrigay Gallery is dedicated to the healing art movement in contemporary art and works with artists who create deep, inspiring art. All exhibition projects are aimed at showing an unfamiliar side of contemporary art that can convey the joy of life and give the viewer a strong emotional foundation.

Postrigay Gallery's mission is to make current art understandable to everyone. Its founder Anastasia Postrigay has been conducting educational activities in the field of art for many years. She is also the rector of the OP-POP-ART Academy of Popular Art, whose graduates receive state diplomas on professional retraining in the specialty "Art critic".

The gallery's activities are aimed at creating experimental projects and expressing artists through various mediums. Postrigay Gallery residents include Maria Jonas Farrell, Masha Danilovskaya, Varya Vyborova, Lena Marru and Anna Demina.
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