Step 1: How to choose, what to buy and where to check

On April 5, 2023, a discussion "Step 1: How to choose, what to buy and where to check" was held at the Noôdome club space.
The first discussion within the Collector's track program, organized by Association of Galleries, was devoted to the basics, knowledge of which is necessary to understand the system of the Russian art market. Three well-known collectors with different approaches to the formation of their collections - Pierre Brochet, Denis Himilliane, Marina Loshak - told how the process of choosing art can take place, which art works are worth buying and where to check the compliance of the offer and the market. Together with the audience we tried to answer the question: when to trust intuition and taste, and when to watch on statistics?
Sofiya Trotsenko, Denis Himilliane, PierreChristian-Brochet, Marina Loshak
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