Meeting of gallery owners and "Delcredere" Bar Association to discuss sample agreements

On February 3, together with our partner, “Delcredere” Bar Association, we met with the galleries to discuss the basic agreement templates  necessary for the legitimate and correct operation of the art galleries. The event was held within the framework of the strategic direction of the Association for standardization of the activities of art market participants.

At the partnership meeting of the Association of Galleries and Delcredere, 4 templates of agreements were developed:

  • Artist and gallery
  • Gallery and buyer
  • Gallery and art dealer
  • Gallery and gallery

The meeting was attended by: Alexander Sharov (11.12 GALLERY), Elena Selina (XL Gallery), Maria Pogodina (Pogodina gallery), Anastasia Omelchenko (Omelchenko Gallery), Polina Askeri (Askeri Gallery), Svetlana and Sergey Gridchin (Gridchinhall Gallery), Alina Kryukova (a-s-t-r-a), Olga Profatilo (Myth Gallery), Ksenia Podoinitsyna (InArt), Serafima Kostrova (pop/off/art Gallery), Yana Golovina (Lumiere Gallery), Galina Leontieva (Marina Gisich Gallery), Maria Gavrilchik (Marina Gisich Gallery), Kristina Vasilevskaya (Marina Gisich Gallery), Ekaterina Bondar (Pop/off/art gallery), Irina Solntseva (Kultproekt Gallery), Yulia Manusevich (Kultproekt Gallery), Mikhail Agroskin (Vostochnaya Gallery), Kristina Stepanchenko (Vostochnaya Gallery), Elvira Tarnogradskaya (Syntax Gallery), Anastasia Taradankina (Partner of Delcredere, Head of Art Law), Anastasia Dudko (lawyer, Delcredere), Margarita Shulgina (lawyer, Delcredere). The moderator was Alexey Naumov, lawyer, Delcredere.

Association of Galleries together with Delcredere have agreed on further cooperation. Prepared set of documents will be finalized and provided for use by the galleries-members of the

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