Welcome Art Days with ADDI

Association of Galleries and Association of Interior Designers and Decorators (ADDI) are launching the first project within the framework of a long-term partnership — Welcome Art Days.

Welcome Art Days is an opportunity for designers to visit member galleries of the Association, get acquainted with the founders and gallery teams, the pool of artists and current exhibitions, and for galleries — to invite leading Russian designers and decorators to visit them. WAD is a platform for networking, business and friendly communication.

On February 3, we held the first event at the pop/off/art gallery, where our guests were met by the founder and owner of the gallery Sergey Popov and told them about the gallery's mission, its exhibition concepts and strategic directions of work.

Anastasia Kotelnikova and Serafima Kostrova (pop/off/art team) introduced the members of ADDI to the key features of the gallery, the storerooms in which the works of leading authors of the Russian and world art scene are stored, as well as Vlad Kulkov's current solo exhibition "Alucinao".

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