AGA TALKS sixth discussion within the framework WINZAVOD.OPEN

On July 20, the sixth AGA Talks discussion took place within Winzavod.Open
Speakers discussed an important topic that should not be kept silent - labor market issues and its impact on the industry as a whole. 

You can watch the broadcast of the discussion "Gallery girls: profound or pretentious art workers in terms of backgrounds and education systems." on the Winzavod YouTube channel.

  • Liliana Murray, moderator, director Anna Nova gallery
  • Dmitry Khankin, co-owner of the Triumph gallery, gallery owner, art dealer
  • Taisiya Korotysheva, director of the Joseph Backstein Institute of Contemporary Art, head of ICA Consulting 
  • Maria Bukova , Director of the Museum Center "Peace Square"
  • Ksenia Podoinitsyna, Founder of the InArt Gallery
  • Nadia Plungyan, Chief Editor of the "Art" section of the portal

During the discussion, the problem of the labor market in the Russian art industry was discussed. Aspects related to the level of salaries, education of future personnel in universities and employer requirements, gender predominance in the market and corporate culture of galleries and museums were discussed.

The following topics were also discussed: {{1} }
Who are the ideal employees in galleries, their education
Emotional burnout and corporate ethics # nbsp;
How to build a corporate culture of galleries and museums to attract an ambitious workforce?
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