The second edition of the contemporary art fair |catalog| will be held in Moscow

From April 12 to 14, 2024, the Association of Galleries (AGA) will hold the second edition of the Contemporary Art Fair |catalog| in Moscow, which will be attended by more than 50 Russian galleries. The venue will again be the historic Ivan Sytin Printing House on Pyatnitskaya Street, also known as the First Model Printing House.

The organizer of the fair is the Association of Galleries (AGA). The initiators of the project are gallery owners Dmitry Hankin, Alexander Sharov, Alina Kryukova and Sofia Trotsenko, the founder of the Winzavod Center for Contemporary Art. The initiative was supported by the publishers of the conceptual project about art and style Black Square Andrey Severilov and Valery Nosov.

The spring edition of the fair features 52 galleries from all over Russia, which is almost twice as many as in the debut |catalog|. Both members of the AGA and other galleries will present their stands on two floors of the printing house: 11.12 GALLERY, a–s–t–r–a, Anna Nova, Art Object Gallery, ART&BRUT GALLERY, ARTSTORY, ARTZIP, АSKERI GALLERY, BORSCH Gallery, Elohovskiy Gallery, FINEART GALLERY, FUTURO Gallery, Grabar Gallery, HSE ART GALLERY, HIDDEN PLACE, JART Gallery, Jessica, Iragui Gallery, галерея современного искусства K35, L.E.STORE, Lumiere Gallery, Marina Gisich Gallery, MAXART Foundation, MYTH Gallery, OVCHARENKO, PA Gallery, PENNLAB Gallery, Pogodina Gallery, pop/off/art, Postrigay Gallery, Reloft ART, Ruarts Gallery, Shift, SISTEMA GALLERY, Syntax Gallery, Totibadze Gallery, Triumph Gallery, Галерея ULM, VLADEY, VS Gallery, XL Галерея, АРТ4, Галерея «Арка», «Восточная галерея», Веллум, Галерея Гридчинхолл, Е.К.АртБюро, КРОКИН галерея, галерея «КультПроект», ЛУЧ, ПиранезиLAB, ЦВК Béton.

Galleries will show the works of more than 200 artists, including Irina Korina, Alexander Melamid, Gayane Avetisyan, Semyon Agroskin, Lisa Bobkova, Dmitry Vrubel, Vladimir Dubosarsky, Evgenia Dudnikova, Daria Emelyanova, Komar and Melamid, Kirill Koteshov, Anton Kuznetsov, Vlad Loktev, Nastya Miro, Alexey Morozov, Katya Muromtseva, Slava Nesterov, Gosha Ostretsov, Timofey Parshchikov, Sasha Pasternak, Denis Patrakeyev, Alexandra Patsamaniuk, Oleg Dow, Alexander Povzner, Sasha Puchkova, Kirill Rave, Aidan Salakhova, Maria Safronova, Gogi Totibadze, Anton Totibadze, Ira Totibadze, Ilya Fedotov-Fedorov, Valery Chtak, Evsti Bomse and others.

Being a young professional fair, |catalog| brings its own innovations: equal participation conditions and booth sizes for galleries, the place of which is determined by drawing lots. This practice represents a new, more democratic approach to exhibiting art, fundamentally different from the mechanism adopted at international fairs to allocate space according to the scale and prominence of the gallery. Also |catalog|, without limiting the number of artists on the stand, sets the condition that in the spring edition of the fair the galleries show the works of their headliners, and in the winter edition of the fair they present new names to the art market and professional community by adding at least one young artist to the stand.

|catalog| supports several activities of gallery associations, the most important of which is the development of the Russian art market. Being the most important institutions of contemporary art, fairs stimulate the growth of the market not only by quantity, but also by regularity: |catalog| takes place twice a year in Moscow (spring and winter), and also plans to regularly organize fairs in different cities of Russia. This will make it possible to introduce and engage the widest possible audience in a dialog with the country's current art, and will open up new directions and local art scenes for Moscow collectors.

Within the framework of the direction to increase the transparency of the art market, the Association of Galleries will present a document developed by leading experts on the principles of pricing by the opening of the fair, inviting the main players to discuss it. The fair itself will serve as a platform following the declared principles of transparency.

Developing the educational direction of the AGA, |catalog| will organize a lecture and discussion program, in which in addition to discussing professional issues of the art market with leading representatives of the industry, the general public will be presented a lecture on collecting contemporary print art by Alexei Veselovsky, founder of "PiranesiLAB". In the future, this lecture will become the basis for the roadmap for collecting printed art being developed on the basis of the AGA.

The partner of the parallel |catalog| program is A-House, which will host the exhibition "Architecture 1.0" from April 10 to 14. The fair will feature a series of meetings and thematic discussions organized together with architects and designers.

Also partner of the parallel program of the fair |catalog| is the contemporary art market WIN-WIN, which will take place on April 13 and 14 at the Winzavod Central Exhibition Center.

The debut and experiment of the first edition of |catalog| - a special project FRESH TALENTS, presented in December 2023 by a stand of career-beginning artists from Winzavod's Open Studios - will become a permanent feature of the fair. Curated by Anna Zaitseva and held with the support of Borodin's Meat House, it was a great success: 19 works were sold from the stand, and works by artists Taisiya Kamyshan and Olga Mikhalchuk were purchased for the collections of the Multimedia Art Museum and the Moscow Museum of Modern Art.

The FRESH TALENTS special project is educational in nature and is aimed at providing artists starting their careers with practical experience of integration into the art market. It gives visitors and collectors an opportunity to see and buy works by authors who have just crossed the threshold of the art market and have not yet entered the pool of professional galleries.

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