The Association of Galleries Dinner in “Sixty Four” restaurant

The dinner of the Association of Galleries, which was timed to "World Art-capitals: What do russian megapolises lack to be called so?» discussion, took place on the 2nd of June as a part of Creative Business Forum (SPIEF)".

Both international and russian art-representatives and panelists were invited to dinner to continue dialogue and discuss future joint projects.

Dmitry Aksenov (patron, owner of the Viennacontemporary fair), Sofia Trotsenko (CCA Winzavod), Simon Rees (Cosmoscow)
Elvira Tarnogradskaya (Syntax Gallery), Anastasia Omelchenko (Omelchenko Gallery), Irina Solntseva (Kultproject Gallery)

Association of Galleries  is a professional group of russian gallerists which was created to represent art industry’s interests at private, governmental and international levels. The Association currently includes twenty leading Russian galleries and The Winzavod Center for contemporary art (Moscow). 

Anna Barinova (Anna Nova Gallery)
Marina Gisich (Marina Gisich Gallery), Denis Khimilyayne (businessman, collector)

One of the main objectives of the Association is to create a dialogue and networking within the community of professionals in order to develop the art market in Russia. And such events like the Association of Galleries discussion at SPIEF may definitely help bring more attention to issues of the art-market in Russia and raise its importance to a new level. That is why The Association keeps on working in this area, and not only with the official events, but also in an informal setting: the above-mentioned dinner may serve as a prime example.

Anna Yalova (deputy director of development CEH Manege), Dmitry Hankin (Triumph Gallery), Sofia Trotsenko (CCA Winzavod), Irina Volskaya (Fragment Art Club)
Julia Vyatkina (Myth Gallery), Dmitry Aksenov (Viennacontemporary), Olga Profatilo (Myth Gallery)

Guests of the evening: Dmitry Aksenov, patron owner of «‎Viennacontemporary» fair, Sofia Trotsenko,The Winzavod Center for contemporary art (Moscow) founder, Board of the Association member, Emilian Zakharov and Dmitry Hankin,owners of «‎Triumph Gallery» (Moscow), Marina Gisich, gallery owner and Board of the Association member, Anna Barinova, Anna Nova Gallery owner, Simon Rees, Cosmoscow Art Director, Jovan Jelovac, Belgrade Design Week founder & owner, Denis Khimilyayne and Sergey Limonov, collectors, Irina Volskaya, Fragment Art Club founder, Irada Zeynalova, journalist, Yuriy Omelchenko, author of the blog «Art-patrul» and others.

Jovan Jelovac (Belgrade Design Week)
Nikolay Korkov (Cosmoscow CEO)
Simon Rees (Cosmoscow), Kristina Vronskaya (Cosmoscow)
Sabina Chagina (ARTMOSPHERE, CCA Winzavod), Yuriy Omelchenko (Art Patrul)
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