Art as an asset: opportunities for investment in volatile times

Within the Creative Business Forum in St. Petersburg on June 15, 2022, Association of Galleries held a discussion "Art as an asset: opportunities for investment in volatile times". The speakers discussed investment attractiveness of Russian contemporary art: what difficulties investors face in this area, what market players and regulators exist. Given the difficulties with investing in Western securities and the concentration of the capital market within the country, art is becoming one of the attractive options for investment.

Among the invited speakers were: Anastasia Taradankina (Delcredere Bar Association), Dmitry Breitenbicher (Private Banking and VTB Privilege), Yulia Petrova (Museum of Russian Impressionism), Ksenia Podoinitsyna (InArt Gallery by Ksenia Podoynitsyna), Vladimir Shabason (IT company Self Soft Production), Polina Askery (ASKERY GALLERY), Dmitry Khankin (Triumph Gallery).

Moderator of the discussion: Alina Kryukova (a-s-t-r-a gallery).
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