Association of Galleries Members first meeting

On February 24 at Winzavod the first Association of Galleries Members general meeting took place. Representatives of leading Russian contemporary art galleries discussed the industry's problems and outlined the Association's strategy. 

The Association includes 20 members, including leading Russian galleries and young representatives of the art market. The meeting was attended by galleries both from Moscow and St. Petersburg. The representatives discussed issues of regulation of the art market, pricing, problems of museum procurement, the presence of Russian contemporary art in the international arena and the construction of a dialogue with the Government.

The meeting was opened by Sophia Trotsenko, President of the Winzavod Foundation. Sofia noted the importance of professional dialogue in the gallery’s environment: "The collective awareness itself as a single art industry and the development of the basic principles of art business will allow the industry to become visible to the Government and the international community." 

Sofya Trotsenko (Wnzavod Foundation)

Since its launch in October 2020, members of the Association have joined working groups led by board members. Each group worked in one of the areas:
  • Relationship with the Government;
  • Standardization of the activities of art market participants;
  • Pricing in art and building a transparent art market;
  • International activities;
  • Relationship with museums for procurement;
  • Logistics and customs issues.

At the meeting, the gallerists discussed and approved the strategy of action. Each group has been developing this strategy for several months on its block of issues.

Participants of the meeting:
  • Sofia Trotsenko (Winzavod Foundation);
  • Sergey Popov (pop/off/art gallery);
  • Alexander Sharov (11.12 GALLERY);
  • Ksenia Podoynitsyna (InArt Gallery by Ksenia Podoynitsyna);
  • Marina Gisich (Marina Gisich Gallery);
  • Elena Selina (Gallery XL);
  • Emelyan Zakharov (Gallery "Triumph");
  • Irina Solntseva and Yulia Pogodina Gallery;
  • Georgi Tashker and Marina Tsurtsumia (Tochibadze Gallery);
  • Polina Askeri Gallery;
  • Mikhail Krokin (Krokin Gallery);
  • Alina Kryukova (a-s-t-r-a);
  • Anna Barinova (Anna Nova Gallery);
  • Lucine Petrosyan (Gallery of Contemporary Art Artstory);
  • Katrin Borisov (Ruarts Gallery);
  • Alexander Omelchenko (Omelchenko Gallery).

Elena Selina (Gallery XL)

Sergey Popov (pop/off/art gallery)

Marina Gisich (Marina Gisich Gallery)

Polina Askeri (Askeri Gallery)

Association of Galleries:

Association of Galleries is a professional association of Russian gallerists, created to represent the interests of the art business at the local, state and international levels and jointly develop the art market.

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