AGA TALKS third discussion

Third discussion of the AGA TALKS Galleries Association project entitled “Monetary compensation rights: the question of royalties in Russia.” was held on April 22.


  • Moderator: Vasily Bychkov - President of the International Confederation of Collectors, Antiquaries and Art Dealers.
  • Alina Kryukova, gallery owner, founder and director of the astra gallery.
  • Stanislav Bakholdin, attorney of the Sonin, Maslova & Partners Bar Association.
  • Alexander Sharov, gallery owner, founder and director of 11.12 Gallery.
  • Eric-Valdez Martinez, Director of the Association of Copyright Holders for the Protection and Management of Copyright in in the field of fine arts (UPRAVIS).
  • Vadim Goncharenko, head of the Russian department of the Koller auction, director of the VAIGARTS auction, expert of the Ivan Fedorovich Schultze Foundation, Zurich, Switzerland.
  • Grigory Levy, vice president for legal activities of the International a confederation of collectors, antique dealers and art dealers.

Discussion participants from left to right: Vasily Bychkov, Eric-Valdes Martinez, Vadim Goncharenko, Stanislav Bakholdin, Alina Kryukova, Alexander Sharov

Key quotes:

Alina Kryukova: “The Association of Galleries, like the Association of Copyright Holders for the Protection and Management of Copyright in the Sphere of Art, is fighting to make the Russian art market understandable and transparent, so that everything transactions on it were concluded in the legal field. "

Alexander Sharov: “We are not attacking the UPRAVIS Association, but we are talking about an imperfect law. It is now important to try to understand the consequences of the application of the law of succession in Russia. We believe that today it is being implemented poorly. This is our position ”.

Vasily Bychkov: “Despite the fact that now there are many questions with the legislation and practice of applying the law of succession in Russia, we, as a professional community, are gradually moving forward in this matter. The artists will have to pay and it will be necessary for everyone to understand how this is done. Let's interact and hope that everything will be settled soon - I am absolutely sure of that. "

Erik-Valdez Martinez: “The Institute of Law of Success has been operating in the Russian Federation recently, and, in accordance with the law, the payers are auction houses, galleries - in other words, professional market participants. On this issue, we have been negotiating with the Association of Galleries for quite a long time. I must say that each side of the negotiation process has its own point of view regarding how this institution should work and whether it is still necessary to pay remuneration # nbsp; authors. Our organization adheres to the position that authors and heirs should receive this reward, that this institution should be fully operational in our country. Sooner or later, I think, we will come to a moment when all the i's will be dotted and the institution of the law of succession will fully work. "

AGA TALKS - a series of discussions by the Association of Galleries on the development potential of the Russian art market with the participation of the main industry professionals: gallery owners, collectors, critics and artists. The project consists of a public program for everyone and closed professional discussions: a number of complex and controversial topics will be discussed by the art community behind closed doors.

Association of  Galleriesis the first professional association of Russian gallery owners, created with the aim of representing the interests of the art business at the local, state and international levels and jointly developing the art market. The Association includes pop / off / art gallery, XL Gallery, 11.12 GALLERY, Krokin gallery and others.

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