AGA TALKS first discussion

AGA TALKS first discussion of the project of the Association of Galleries “Fair play: why does the Russian market of contemporary art hold talks on professional ethics?” was held on April 8.


  • Moderator: Vladimir Dudchenko - russian collector and art critic.
  • Nikolay Palazchenko - head of the Art Management and Gallery Business faculty at RMA Business School; one of originators of “Winzavod” Contemporary Art Center, and Perm Museum of Contemporary Art (PERMM); curator and producer of many exhibition projects, including the Forum “Collection of Russia” and the large-scale cycle of exhibitions “Farewell to Eternal Youth”, dedicated to the new generation in Russia contemporary art.
  • Ksenia Podoynitsyna - expert on contemporary art, founder of Gallery 21 and InArt by Ksenia Podoynitsyna, patron of The Pushkin State  Museum of Fine Arts.
  • Elena Selina -  gallerist, curator, art historian, founder of XL gallery, member of AICA.
  • Oleg Tatarintsev - contemporary Russian artist, working mainly with installations and art objects.
  • Konstantin Makarevich - partner of Squire Patton Boggs.

Key Quotes:

Elena Selina: “The Code of Professional Ethics is a set of simple rules of interaction between market participants, this is a special mechanism. If they are applied, for the art market it becomes easier and transparent to act, what is especially important in our context. In addition to general rules, there are several nodes that hold the entire structure.
Artist-gallery (what kind of relationship they can have and what they can give to each other), then - gallery-gallery (often they turn to a friend or collaborate with the same artist), also a gallery-collector, gallery-dealer and etc. There are not so many actors with whom it is quite easy and transparent to build relationships. "

Ksenia Podoynitsina: "The Code of Ethics will appear on the website of the Association of Galleries and to become a guide for each player in working with other players in the art market." Ksenia also noted that the AGA working group is now discussing the pricing formula, which will consist of an assessment of the “circle, which includes the artist, the ratio of technique and size of the work of art, and the artist's auction profile. The task is to create a user-friendly interface and the ability to get a recommendation for the price range."

Ksenia Podoynitsyna (In Art Gallery by Ksenia Podoynitsyna)

Nikolay Palazchenko noted: “A huge segment of the art market exists in complete chaos, this is a large low-professional segment with no rules followed. Therefore we say that we exist in a civilized segment, but anything can happen on the market. Sometimes artists behave unpredictably, may be illusory, and not always commercially rational. Of course, you need to prescribe and popularize some things, but understand that there will always be some segment of the mess around. There are always a lot of fraudsters on the market and one of our tasks is to fight them ”.

Nikolay Palazhchenko (Head of the Faculty of Art Management and Gallery Business at the RMA Business School)

Photos of other participants:

Vladimir Dudchenko - moderator of the meeting (Russian collector and art critic)

Oleg Tatarintsev (contemporary Russian artist, works mainly with installations and art objects)

The second discussion "Museum of the future: what existing art is to remain in state Russian museums?" will take place at zoom on April 14 at 19:00 and will be devoted to the relationship between galleries and museums, the existing mechanism for purchasing art to state funds and the future of Russian museum collections.

Moderator of discussion - gallerist Sergey Popov.

Participants will discuss:

  • arrangement of the purchases system in museums and what will happen to it next; 
  • estimation the cost of a modern work of art in organizing museum purchases.

The discussion will be held online, participation by prior registration.

Schedule and topics of the following discussions:

  1. Museum of the future: what existing art is to remain in state Russian museums, April 14, online.
  2. Monetary compensation rights: the question of royalties in Russia, April 22, Gostiny Dvor, as part of the Legal Forum of the Antique Salon.
  3. Between the West and East: Russian contemporary art’s position at the international art scene, April 29, online.
  4. A question of maneuvering: how to properly transport works of art in Russia and abroad, May 13, Vintage Hall of the Winery.
  5. «Gallery girls»: profound or pretentious art workers in terms of backgrounds and education systems, May 18, online.
  6. The state of art criticism, May 20, Vintage Hall of the Winery.
  7. Russian art market: Art collectors’s perspective, May 27, Vintage Hall of the Winery.

AGA TALKS - a series of discussions by the Association of Galleries on the development potential of the Russian art market with the participation of the main industry professionals: gallery owners, collectors, critics and artists. The project consists of a public program for all comers and closed professional discussions: a number of complex and controversial topics will be discussed by the art community behind closed doors.

The Galleries Association is the first professional association of Russian gallery owners, created to represent the interests of the art business at the local, state and international levels and to jointly develop the art market. The Association includes pop / off / art gallery, XL Gallery, 11.12 GALLERY, Krokin gallery and others.

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