HSE ART GALLERY has joined the ranks of members of the Association of Galleries

HSE ART GALLERY is a contemporary art gallery based at the School of Design of the National Research University Higher School of Economics, a place for the development and promotion of young art

HSE ART GALLERY was founded in 2018 as a place whose main task is to help students take their first professional steps. Since then, more than 40 exhibition projects have been realized, including at partner venues. Each new exhibition makes a significant contribution to the development of artists, making them more visible to both the audience and the professional community.

After 5 years the gallery has reached a new stage by opening a second exhibition space - HSE ART GALLERY on the territory of CSI Vinzavod, one of the largest private centers of contemporary art in Russia. The mission of the gallery is still to support young artists: first of all, students and graduates of various areas of the School of Design. At the same time, the gallery is making a step towards cooperation with external artists, starting to build partnerships with other galleries and platforms.

HSE ART GALLERY at Vinzavod is a new location on the cultural map of Moscow, focused on large group exhibitions of young artists. The main task of this place is to open new names for the audience. Thanks to the size and architecture of the space, the gallery will be able to do this on a new scale, allowing more artists to become recognizable. The projects will be accompanied by a parallel program: artist talks, lectures, performances, sound performances and other activities that strengthen the educational function of the gallery.
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